Genesis 8:1-3

Note how Genesis 8:1-2 correlates to passages in Genesis 1:6-13.

According to Genesis 8:1, the two sources of water that God employed to flood the earth are prevented from doing their damage: (1) “All the fountains of the great deep burst open” (2) “The floodgates of the sky were opened.”
“The fountains of the great deep” refers to the vast springs or reservoirs of water that resided in pockets deep in the earth’s crust, which were put there by the Lord when on the third day of restoration He restored the dry land by gathering the waters that completely flooded the earth, which is recorded in Genesis 1:9-13.
“The floodgates of the sky were opened” refers to the vast transparent water vapor canopy that resided above the earth’s atmosphere, which were placed there by the Lord on the second day of restoration, which is recorded Genesis 1:6-8.
Genesis 8:1-2 records three specific actions that were taken by God: (1) God caused a wind to pass over the earth in order to evaporate vast quantities of water. (2) God shut up the subterranean waters from further eruptions. (3) The water from the vast water transparent vapor canopy was precipitated and God put an end to the rain.

Pastor William E. Wenstrom. (n.d.). Genesis.

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