Grace Notes, what is it anyway?

When I describe Grace Notes, I get maybe one minute to catch a person’s interest… It is a self-paced way of thoroughly going through books of the Bible. It never replaces a church or pastor, but it does enhance your understanding of God’s Word. When I finished Unit 1 of the Grace Notes curriculum, it made such a positive difference in my teaching that I strongly recommend finishing Unit 1 for anybody who teaches Bible classes. Doing Grace Notes accelerates your learning so that an individual can be productive in communicating Bible truth. Ask yourself, how much difference in would occur in my life with this deep study of God’s Word. Concepts that occur throughout Scripture become obvious. Oral communication is always going to be limited as to what ideas can be developed fully. Written words are a much better vehicle for developing multiple concepts, linking multiple Scripture references, examining the important Greek or Hebrew words to determine if deeper ideas are present.

Grace Notes is suitable for Bible study in homes or large groups, and can be generally be used as commentary. Most important, they are free.

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