Faith-Rest and a Christian’s Mental Stability: Bible Answers to Fear, Worry, and Depression

Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite Grace Notes topical studies. Life is crazy these days, how to cope? This study walks you through Hebrews 3 and 4 looking at the Wilderness generation and the results of no faith in the Lord.

Do you remember the song “Ship Ahoy”? “I was drifting along on life’s pitiless sea, And the angry waves threatened my ruin to be.” The floundering sailor was rescued from drowning by a “ship”, which was a metaphor for a condemned sinner being saved by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His work of atonement on the

We rejoice in our salvation; yet we find that after we are saved, one of the consistent features of the
Christian life is testing. We Christians live in a fallen world, in an imperfect society, among people whose way of life is directed by Satan and their own sin natures. We cannot avoid the friction, conflict, or confrontation that results from this. We face daily disasters, small and great, which are brought on us suddenly by nature, by the ignorance or deliberate actions of other people, or even by our own mistakes and sins.

This testing and affliction often causes us great concern, worry, fear about the future, and can even lead to serious depression, unless we have put into practice some of the Bible principles the Father has provided to give us peace, joy, and mental
stability in times of stress.

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